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  1. Re: Custom Fields Trouble within CGTY Product List

    Try this:

    <mvt:item name="customfields" param="Read_Product_Code( l.settings:product:code, 'shipping', l.settings:custompfields )" />
  2. Re: Price Group Add-on-product gives free product

    Ran into this issue some time back, Brennan let us know that the fix is to set a qualifying quantity of "1" in the price group settings.
  3. Re: Auto Email xx days after order ships

    Not sure if you are willing to replace your existing reviews solution or not, but our Ratings & Reviews module offers followup review request email X number of days after order date or shipment date....
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    Re: Template Data Feed Cron Job

    Wouldn't it be better to use the page template based method?
  5. Re: Shipping settings - different across stores

    The "Box Packing" setting under Packaging Rules determines if the Pack by Weight or Pack by Quantity options display.
  6. Re: Looking for documentation on how to read a Miva database via Miva Script

  7. Re: Redirect continue shopping button

    Our Continue Shopping module offers short link support and the option to take shoppers back to the product page if you choose, something the Tool Kit method can't do:...
  8. Re: [Free Module] Generate tons of reviews with Yotpo.

    Hey Dutch,

    It's possible to still have Yotpo followup emails in the queue, however make sure the module is fully removed from the store.

    Glad to hear our Ratings & Reviews module is working...
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    Re: Videos in Image Machine

    We have implemented this for clients as well, feel free to reach out to us for pricing.
  10. Re: Customer Review to be used with Miva 9

    We released our new Ratings & Reviews module in February: http://extranet.miva.com/forums/showthread.php?115167-NEW-GD-Ratings-amp-Reviews

    It has a number of great features, however the mail after...
  11. Re: [Free Module] Generate tons of reviews with Yotpo.

    I can make some time to get you switched over to GD Ratings & Reviews ;)

    This is by design on the part of most ratings and reviews services in order to become an approved third party product...
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    Re: product reviews for 2014

    Bruce wouldn't let me beta test their ratings and reviews module, so I really can't add anything there :)

    This won't be any more helpful than Rick's response, but I can say that both Phosphor...
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    Re: Complete site redesign

    We can definitely look at your project and determine needs/provide an estimate. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss further.
  14. Re: Upgraded to GA universal analytics code and ecommerce tracking stopped

    Just to add my two cents, this all really comes down to exactly what type of Google Analytics you are trying to implement on your store. There are currently three types/methods in the latest version...
  15. Re: Moving MMUI to CSSUI on Miva 9 Problem - help appreciated

    Did you manually import, add or change products, attributes, categories and/or module data in the new dev store?
  16. Re: Fix problem with product not being added to cart

    We can take a look as well. Feel free to reach out to us.
  17. Re: Tracking with a URL pattern on INVC page

    You will need to use the following method and skip the url validation process:
  18. Re: Spam in my Private Message Box

    Story of my life.
  19. Re: Spam in my Private Message Box

    You mean I can't get free money from the Government?
  20. Re: Search by Attirbute (Size, Color)

    Pretty sure Warehouse Fabrics is using an AJAX'ified version of EP Power Search and Recollections is SearchSpring.
  21. Re: Upgraded to GA universal analytics code and ecommerce tracking stopped

    The module for the most part continues to work, however it is on borrowed time. Not being updated since 2013, this module relies on outdated tracking code and processes which could fail at any time...
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    Re: pack data files?

    It's under Database Management > Database Tools
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    Re: product reviews for 2014

    I can say both Product Review Feeds and Seller Ratings are high priorities for our newly released Ratings & Reviews module, however Google has strict guidelines and approval processes that must be...
  24. Re: Upgraded to GA universal analytics code and ecommerce tracking stopped

    As you can see there were some recent changes made to the stock Google Analytics options that make this much more difficult than it needs to be. I know Miva is working on it for the next release,...
  25. Re: Google Analytics being passed uppercase page names since upgrade

    Hey Nathan,

    We're still around, just under a different name after a merger some time back :)

    Miva's new stock Google Analytics features are in a state of flux and not always a good fit out of...

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