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  1. Re: show content on all pages except

    yes. (you can try it in a template.)
  2. Re: show content on all pages except

    Replace the NE with EQ will include only the SFNT page.
  3. Re: Export Ultimate Product Reviews and Ratings to a different review module


    If you're going to use Glendale's Rating and Reviews, it has import capabilities. Better to use one piece of software than two.
  4. Re: noncompliance fee coming to a MMUI store near you soon?

    While there is some wisdom in that saying, I'm sure glad our distant ancestors did not think that way all the time. We'd all still be living in caves and foraging for food!
  5. Re: Using template-based emails from a module?

    There's nothing easy about using Template Emails in any way divergent from the specific cases it exists to support. If you trigger off of order, account creation, or shipment events then you're OK,...
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    Re: Forum Search not working?

    He's dead, Jim. Must be a JS change.
  7. Re: Anyone Tried the MMUI to CSSUI conversion tool yet?

    Leslie, we all have our talents. Looks like you found one of yours!
  8. Re: Approach for recieving callback from external application

    The json feature does not require using JSON. We use it all the time to return HTML, text or JSON.

    If you POST to json.mvc, you can use a type=admin that will require authentication (via passing...
  9. Re: Approach for recieving callback from external application

    You could use json.mvc instead of merchant.mvc (need to add the json feature) and restrict to admin session. Kent's suggestion of passing the admin session ID to the external site would work.
  10. Re: Pull item prices into website with javascript?

    With jsoncallback=? you are using JSONP. Do you need to, or are you calling to the same domain?
  11. Re: Adding Customers to Price Groups from the Customers Edit Screen

    Agree with Scott that maybe it isn't the wisest idea to expose your internal development model in this way.

    Just because something lives in a bug tracker doesn't mean it is a bug.
  12. Re: Approach for recieving callback from external application

    If you use the System feature in the module, you can process custom screens and/or actions. Any values POSTED will be globals and can be easily processed (saved into database etc).
  13. Re: Is Scot with Scot's Scripts still with us? Unable to contact reg presale question

    I heard he was in Hong Kong for a jazz piano engagement this summer.
  14. Re: Significance of mvtj in GFTL page

    The miva_json_decode function is only in MivaScript Engine 5.22 and later. That said, it is very useful.
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    Re: Windows 10

    Followup on last week:

    I've now upgraded all but one PC; for some reason one PC won't complete.

    Compatibility with existing programs seems to be very high. I have not found any programs that...
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    Re: Videos in Image Machine

    Re: multiple versions of jQuery - we are seeing many sites where loading two versions of jQuery KILLS all jQuery code.
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    Re: Windows 10

    I don't use Miva Mia since it is too much of a PITA to set up MySQL for it. I have no desire to spend any more time working with MivaSQL.

    I do have the compiler installed, and lo and behold - I'm...
  18. Re: Suivant/Iron and Flannel Based ReadyTheme Dev Tip

    Some people have unusual definitions of the word fun...

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    Re: Windows 10

    I've upgraded two non-critical Win 8.1 machines. It went quickly and there were no problems. Big improvement overall.

    OTOH, I am holding off on two Win 7 machines as I use them daily.

    I think...
  20. Re: Send "Bcc" copies with emails?

    Just a thought - we use the header to add a reply-to as well, although we don't use SendEmail directly, but replicate the v9_SendEmail function. I've always had to terminate the header with a CR/LF....
  21. Re: I'm tired of trying to make this mvt:while loop work, need help!!

    Instead of miva_array_elements(g.ratesfld) I think you need miva_array_max(g.ratesfld).
  22. Re: g.sessionurl pointing to admin instead of store?

    So, with this store:

    g.domain:mm_url = https://www.domain.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?

    g.sessionurl = https://www.domain.com/mm5/admin.mvc? (+session ID parameter)

    How can this happen (and how can...
  23. Re: g.sessionurl pointing to admin instead of store?


    Which field? It is not Non-secure URL to Miva Merchant because that turns into g.domain:mm_url. And the store in question has merchant.mvc in that field.

    Edit: Is g.sessionurl supposed...
  24. g.sessionurl pointing to admin instead of store?

    We have a customer who is using g.sessionurl in a template and it evals to https://www.domain.com/mm5/admin.mvc? instead of https://www.domain.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?

    Where in the admin is this...
  25. Re: Updating order status from pending to processing

    1. Order_Update_Processed does multiple things. It creates a shipment for each item, captures legacy authorization, and flips the status to processed. It IS a legacy function, meaning there is a...

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