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  1. Re: Sku Token for Generic Orders Export Module

    My guess is the Viking Coders module does not support the product sku. It is a relatevily new field in in the past few years and they would have had to update the module to support it.

    You may...
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    Re: template data feed and variants

    Checkout the %item_group_id% token here:


    It will display all variant products if they exist.

    Typically variant product are not displayed on...
  3. Re: Power Search - Search custom category fields?

    Looks like it can search name, code, header and footers:

    Optional Category Searching
    You can include the following code on the srch page template, probably just above the footer, to display...
  4. Re: Power Search - Search custom category fields?

    Not currently. It only indexes and search custom product fields.
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    Re: mvt:assign conconcatate

    I would agree with you. It is on our radar to add into a future release. Also the ability to use indexes in the name:

    <mvt:assign name="g.array[1]" value="'test'" />
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    Re: Ready Themes up to date?

    Yes. However, the old bootstrap framework was replaced with the base readytheme. It is still based on bootstrap but it has a slightly different UI.


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    Re: Basket too big?

    I ran into this same issue twice recently. Both times the cause was toolkit prompt function. It causes timeout issues with very large carts.

    This functionality has been built into Miva for a while...
  8. Re: Editable Shopping Basket does not work for MIVA9 CSSUI. Please Help

    I believe that module only works with the basket:items array. The basket:groups array is not supported.

    We have a custom solution we can implement as well if you want to stop using that module all...
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    Re: Sign-in with FaceBook

    Hi Larry -

    We updated the instructions. Try the attached PDF.
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    Re: Print Order Confirmation Unreadable

    Does it print poorly in a different browser? It may be your browser changing things.
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    Re: Total shows twice on INVC under 768

    We just tested this on a base install of the theme and could not re-create it. Do you have the pages customized?
  12. Re: Wait List type module that works at attribute level

    This module can do what you need:


    However it will require a bit of customization to get the font end experience you're looking for.

    Here is a...
  13. Re: Recently View - Basket Module How to replace thumbnails images for customimage ma

    Toolkit has s function called customimage which will allow you to pull in an image type and display it. However the module you are using (minibasket) has some performance issues and was discontinued...
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    Re: Ready Themes up to date?

    They ones up now are up to date as of 9.0002. The ones we will be releasing soon have some minor bug fixes and will have the new template code for 9.0003
  15. Re: Possible to include variant product code in orders flat file export?

    You can't modify the existing exports to include it, but you can create your own custom export using Miva's Template Based Batch Reports. You can create a new report that will export data in any...
  16. Re: Quantity Ratio Packs for Every Variant Option

    No that is the designed functionality. You would need to disable the price update on that product via attribute machine. There is a <span id="price-value"> wrapped around the product price.

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    Re: Assign Custom Field to Multiple Groups

    Hey Ben -

    Let me talk to our dev team and see if this is feasible. We haven't come across this use case before but seems like it would be a useful feature.
  18. Re: Quantity Ratio Packs for Every Variant Option

    Under the Inventory Kit Builder tab, make sure you add the correct quantity of each part to attribute/variant. Then click Auto Generate button and choose the Sum of Part option.
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    Re: Shipping Cost/Method Assign Per Product

    Miva has a built in shipping module called Quantity Based Shipping. It allows you to do exactly what you need. Enter 1 for the floor and + for the ceiling and 100 for the amount/unit.

    Then under...
  20. Re: Quantity Ratio Packs for Every Variant Option

    There are a couple ways to do this depending on how you want the products to appear in the cart. If you want a single line item for which is essentially a kit comprised of all the items in the pack...
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    Re: Product Discount Coupon Won't Work

    You must first choose which products get the discount. After you create the price group, select it from the batch list screen and you will see a button show up named "Discounted Products." Add the...
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    Re: Assigning all Products to a Price Group

    Hi Kristin -

    Please see my previous post above on how to solve this:

    Once you select all records, you should see an icon show up at the top left. It looks like a checkbox with a plus sign in...
  23. Re: Characters allowed in email address - best way to strip out bad characters?

    You could also "clean" the email field to remove the characters you don't want:

    <mvt:assign name="g.customer:bill_email" value="glosub(g.customer:bill_email, '{', '')" />
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    Re: Discount Product exclusions

    Make sure you're using a product discount and not a basket discount. And make sure you're assigning products in the Discounted Products section, not the qualifying products section.

    The products...
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    Re: Assigning all Products to a Price Group

    Hi Linda -

    Once you select all records, you should see an icon show up at the top left. It looks like a checkbox with a plus sign in it. That is the assign all button. It will go though all your...

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