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  1. Quantity in Basket:none in Miva 4.23 - can we change color to RED?

    Hello, I am not a programmer but would like to know the steps to converting either the wording on the product pages of "quantity in basket" or the number that populates, or both preferably to the...
  2. Adding picture with url to customer mail page

    How do I add a picture, such as an icon and have a url with the icon, add it to the customer email page that the customer gets upon completion of the order.

    If this can be done, please explain to...
  3. Need additional help please

    Thank you for pointing the direction to a module that will work for what is needed. However, it is boldly stated on the ordering page that,

    "this module requires a new user interface module to...
  4. Offer a shipping discount to select customers

    Hello, using Miva Merchant 4.23 with Open UI, is there any means, or any module that would allow a customer to add a key phrase (such as discount) and then be given a free shipping on the product,...