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    Re: Calling External Program

    Hi Tim,

    My comment is not about a vulnerability within the pdf maker program itself, it is that you are sending a command to the system unfiltered. Look at my example again, I send "; cd / ; rm...
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    Re: Calling External Program

    This is anything but safe. Your PHP is taking any two values handed to it and running it as a system command with who-knows-what permissions.

    Someone can pass the in_file and out_file of "; cd / ;...
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    Re: editor and compiler in one?

    I've always used EditPlus to do all my editing, and then use the built-in "Tools" function to assign compiling to a hot-key. Ctrl-1 is compile, Ctrl-2 is compile with DEF code, Ctrl-5 through 9 are...
  4. Re: deleting a record in mysql based on a string

    Excuse me while I cringe from an uncontrolled case of hebbie-jebbies...

    You're passing an unfiltered, unsanitized, and otherwise uncontrolled value from a URL into your SQL database? Specifically...
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    Re: On duplicate key update

    It works fine with MySQL. I've used it a few times.

    INSERT INTO Keyword_Tracking( session, keyword_id, first_use, use_count, user_id ) VALUES ( ?, ?, ?, 1, 0 )
    ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `use_count`...
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    Re: php or ssi includes

    First thing I'd try is use require_once() instead of include() as it will fail if it can't find the file. include() just gives a warning message that could be suppressed. Assuming it does fail, it'll...
  7. Re: Stack underflow error on MvDo file execution

    Check the lines above and below for syntax errors; more likely below since things seem to work.Could be something as simple as a errant quote mark.
  8. Re: Correctly rotate mobile phone pictures

    None of the built-in tools read EXIF. The only way to read it is a tedious process of reading byte by byte, and looking up a long list of codes, counting varying byte sizes, and other brain teasers.
  9. Re: Correctly rotate mobile phone pictures

    Thanks Bruce, but not really what I was hoping for. I wouldn't know ahead of time what images need to be rotated and which don't.
  10. Correctly rotate mobile phone pictures

    Preface: This is for a non-Miva Merchant website. Unless I can add their source code into my own project, referencing modules, add-ons, or MM built-in functionality are not workable options.

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    Re: MivaScript equivalent of print_r?


    I like this output, but I have a couple comments.
    1) It would be amazing if it was recursive. I tried it a structure within a structure and it spaces nicely, but it would be cool if the...
  12. Re: Is there a way to get the dimensions of a pre-existing image?

    Thanks, Burch.

    In looking at the LSK, it seems you're doing exactly what I plotted out, but through a number of function calls.

    However, I'm building this for a non-Merchant project so I will...
  13. Is there a way to get the dimensions of a pre-existing image?

    The title says it all. Basically, is there a simple way to get the height and width of an existing image?

    MivaScript has gdImageSX and gdImageSY, but they don't work on saved image files; they...
  14. Re: HTTP protocol level for MvCALL - 1.0 or 1.1

    Hi Rick

    Has there been any further news about this update? I finally have a working php module I can drop in, but I'd rather not need to do a bunch of re-configuring if I can help it.

  15. Re: HTTP protocol level for MvCALL - 1.0 or 1.1

    I know you guys are getting ready for the expo, but are there any updates to extending this change, or white-listing Miva Empresa users?


    /Scott Mc
  16. Re: HTTP protocol level for MvCALL - 1.0 or 1.1


    Thanks for posting that. I was thinking about going that route also, but unfortunately about 80% of my transactions are subscription based. So for all the one-time sales, I could use the...
  17. Re: HTTP protocol level for MvCALL - 1.0 or 1.1

    Year? How about month? That deadline is just a hair over a month away. If MivaMerchant doesn't get a new engine out quickly, there are going to be a LOT of merchants scrambling to find a replacement....
  18. Re: HTTP protocol level for MvCALL - 1.0 or 1.1


    Can you post a link to where you got this information? I don't see an email regarding this, and in my web searching for an answer, I've seen dates that this switch-over will happen anywhere...
  19. Re: HTTP protocol level for MvCALL - 1.0 or 1.1

    I'm in the same boat... I have a custom built website that uses Paypal IPN for member fees.

    Keep us updated with how the negotiations the PayPal go.
  20. Re: Provision.xml implemented in MM 4.x?

    In 4.x there wasn't a provide.xml, but there was something similar; provide.dat if I recall. Really ugly to work with, but so long as it's supported in your clients version it might work.
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    Diff Engine?

    Has anyone worked on / thought about / designed a difference engine using MivaScript?

    Specifically, I'm creating a CMS where members add content. But someone will validate all content before...
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    Re: Easy way to read a cookie contents

    Would you believe all of the above?

    I did a lot of testing of cookies a few months ago, so while I know a lot about this, it's been a while so I may be suffering from post-trauma bad memory.

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    Re: Easy way to read a cookie contents

    Yes, you need to create a loop to iterate through s.http_cookie with gettoken().

    The basic pseudo-code would be

    l.pos = 1
    l.cookie = gettoken( s.http_cookie, ';', l.pos )
    while len( l.cookie...
  24. Re: Is there a cleaner way to do this


    <a href="{ '/profile.mvc?id=' $ g.query[g.rowid]:profile_id }"><MvEVAL EXPR="{ g.query[g.rowid]:profile_name }"></a>

    Pretty much anywhere HTML has a quoted value inside a tag, if...
  25. Re: Mivascript usage beyond Miva Merchant

    To me, I'd be happy if Miva Merchant reached out to help write/create/endorse expansion libraries for the engine. I know that was a big thing when the VM version came out in that external libraries...

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