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  1. Re: $50 per additional simultaneous Administrative User

    Baloney. Miva has no liability if I don't keep my software "upgraded" to their latest demanded $$$$$ version. This isn't an incremental release. So what if it's buried in the license, it's still...
  2. Re: $50 per additional simultaneous Administrative User

    What is an "NCF fee."
  3. Re: $50 per additional simultaneous Administrative User

    I was one of the sad sacks not realizing what a disservice I was doing my checked baggage by letting it fly free for decades, so it seems strange at a number of levels to "monetize" the level of...
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    Re: successful registration landing page

    Wow -- that's a bunch of work. Now, it's easier to send the new registrant to the ACLN page by changing

    <input type="hidden" name="Screen" value="ACED">

    on the ACAD page to

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    Re: SPDY compatible with Miva

    Yet an entire industry is springing up to address Googles latest whim/rant.
  6. Re: Universal Analytics and Ecommerce Data???

    Sorry to be late to the party again. This works for us:

    ga('create', 'UA-YOURACCTNO-1', 'auto');
    <mvt:if expr="l.settings:page:code EQ 'CTGY'">
    ga('send', 'pageview',...
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    Re: Count Products in Category

    Yes on the first part - you have to tell it to run the count again. And Bill will need to answer the second part.
  8. Re: Updating basket on OPAY gives "The contents of your basket changed" error

    Toolkit #103 - Basket Filler. We use it for that purpose -- when a customer edits their basket after starting checkout.

  9. Re: Bash Software Bug Significant -- Shellshock

    If you are running a dedicated CENTOS box it's as easy as "yum update" to fix the issue. It will upgrade BASH to 4.1.2

  10. Bash Software Bug Significant -- Shellshock

    Shellshock -- and they aren't kidding. Talk to your host, especially if you're in a wild-west shared server environment like (insert massive server farm brand name here).
  11. Re: Dropship orders - orders to dropship vendors

    Emporium Plus' Mail Manager can do it, too.


    We use it for vendor notification. We also use it to send an email inviting the customer to review their...
  12. Re: Adding an Additional Fee to all shipments Shipped Fedex

    That handling fee doesn't seem to be shipping method sensitive. Bummer.
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    Re: Count Products in Category

    Look in the Toolkit admin "Utilities > Emporium Plus tool kit"

    The function uses a category custom field called Category Count. IIRC, that is done automatically.

    #85 here:
  14. Emedia Module Manager Connectivity issue

    Anyone else lost functionality from their modules? Our Viking Fedex has quit working and their manager just says "wait" after a lengthy timeout.

    I thought it was impossible for this to happen,...
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    Re: Find the device or screen width

    There are ways to watch for that, too:

    // Listen for orientation changes
    window.addEventListener("orientationchange", function() {
    // Announce the new orientation number
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    Re: Find the device or screen width

    I agree with Bruce, but sometimes flexible design isn't a panacea.

    On the first page visited test the browser then set two cookies -- one setting the browser variable and the other to indicate the...
  17. Re: How To Tell Customers There Are Multiple Colors Available On Category Page

    Create an "icon" you can put on the thumbnail. We do it for pens with blue ink. Our products are small enough we can usually show most of what's available. The thumbs are 150 x 225.
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    Re: Coupon for First-Time Site Visitors

    Oldie but goodie.


    Newer. Cool. Used it once:

  19. Re: Changing Names in Checkout Credit Card labels

    On the OPAY page there is an array "payment:fields" that a foreach loop cycles thru each "field" to generate the labels. You can wrap that process in a conditional that changes what the customer...
  20. Re: Discontinued products-alternative to 301 redirect

    We've been using the Toolkit solution, too. Works great. Let's you go back and correct a redirect if/when you do get "replacement" product with low pain factor.
  21. Re: Conditionally display header / footer

    The default token isn't used.

    #67 and #68 both create global variables that can be tested.

    "67. Use header to save the category or product header to a variable."

    "68. Use footer to save the...
  22. Re: Conditionally display header / footer

    Toolkit #67 (header) + #68 (footer) . It would seem to want to return a null value global variable if there was no content. Worth a try?

    EDIT: If not, #5 (vlength) could evaluate the variables...
  23. Re: [Off Topic] Weird Sales Jump And Crash In June And July

    Hey, Mark -- we saw something similar. Record June and a July that was better than last year, but not at the clip this year's increase in sales, month-over-month, would indicate. June isn't even a...
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    Re: Order Cancelled Email

    Even custom pages (which is what the Emails are) have var lists (first of 3 icons, upper right corner of page tab display).

    It would show you what is available to your present configuration.
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    Re: Order Cancelled Email

    Were you able to confirm that the variables you're trying to show are available?

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