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    New ReadyTheme Developer Videos

    For anyone looking to build ReadyThemes (or you just want to learn more about how the new ReadyThemes works) We just released 5 new developer videos which walk through the Base Developer Framework as...
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    Re: attribute pricing script

    Hi Marshall -

    When attribute machine changes the price dynamically based on the attributes selected it is doing it via JavaScript. Your template logic is being overwritten by the JavaScript. You...
  3. Re: Correct Assumption? Zip Code Optional = Don't Validate

    Even if it is optional, if it has a value it will trigger the validation. If you need an un-validated field you will need to create a custom field to save the data.
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    Re: More Image Machine Fun


    The product template manager module causes product data to be loaded twice, once by Miva and a second time by the module. We have seen this cause site problems under heavy load. Long term it...
  5. Re: Inventory Manager Data for Options on Category Pages

    I haven't used Inventory Manger in quite awhile. Are you sure that is the right inventory count variable to be checking for? Try using token list in the admin to see what variables are available on...
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    Re: More Image Machine Fun

    Do you happen to use Product Template Manager? I believe this module is what is causing this issue.
  7. Re: Inventory Manager Data for Options on Category Pages

    Your code looks fine, does the second product have attributes?
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    Re: Script wont fire on SFNT

    Hey Dan -

    It looks like you have another JavaScript error on the page which is preventing FancyBox from displaying.

    SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'fancybox' ...
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    Re: More Image Machine Fun

    Hey Matt -

    The fullsize image should not need to be populated for image machine to work. They were actually designed as two separate systems so one should not rely on the other.

    If you want to...
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    Re: Image quality settings...

    You can upload a 2000px by 2000px image however since you'll never need a image size that big it will eat up a lot of disk space. You cannot delete the original image, even if it is never really...
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    Re: Check out error

    @jdelvie what module are you using to do the address validation? What module are you using to get rates?

    @Ken - Your issue may be different, I would submit a support ticket so we can look into it
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    Re: How to learn about Bootstrap...etc

    Also if you really want to dive into the developer side of things, Learnable has some great courses on Bootstrap:

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    Re: How to learn about Bootstrap...etc

    The link above is probably the best place to get started, if you have a background in HTML/CSS and are looking to understand how to work with Bootstrap elements.

    We also have some videos that...
  14. Re: Possible to convert 5.5 MMUI to Merchant 9?

    If you are on MMUI you will be able to upgrade to Miva Merchant 9. However, some features such as ReadyThemes are only available to CSSUI stores are won't be available to MMUI stores on Version 9.
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    Re: Meta tag import, export

    This is already built into Miva. They appear as custom fields in the product export and can be imported as well.
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    Re: Template feeds with attributes

    That error your getting, means the hidden input for form Action is not on the page. Attribute Machine is looking for the action with a value of ADPR.

    Try adding this to the page:

  17. Re: Saving a Framework - "Application Timed Out"

    If you want to email me your store link, I can try and see if changing the timeout allows it to complete. If that does not work, we would need to do some logging to see where it is failing
  18. Re: Saving a Framework - "Application Timed Out"

    That is the default Miva Timeout. A framework should not be taking that long to export. Is this a heavily customized store? Are you on the latest Miva version?
  19. Re: Saving a Framework - "Application Timed Out"

    I have not seen that. How long does it sit there before it times out?

    Either you have a really low timeout and it needs more time, or more likely there is something it is getting hung up on...
  20. Re: Original Miva Shipping Method Conditionals

    You should only need to add your logic to the if and not the else. It is possible for a shipping method not to have a price, but most all shipping methods will contain a price value.
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    Re: Shopping carts empty when using IE

    One thing I want to clarify with this issue. If you are using Miva's default cookie settings, this scenario is not possible. Your cookie settings must be modified from default for this issue to occur.
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    Re: Shopping carts empty when using IE

    I wanted to post the solution we found here in case anyone else is experiencing this issue.

    This issues impacts all versions of Internet Explorer but not other browsers.

    It has to do with...
  23. Re: Unassign products from categories using product import flat file

    In the current imports you can't remove category assignments, only add assignments.

    There is an XML way to do it.

    Here is some toolkit code to built the XML file which will remove a product...
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    Re: Assign Multiple products to Category

    The reason that is there is primarily for touch devices. Checking that puts it in multi-select mode and allows you to select multiple records.

    For the desktop there are two ways to select all:
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    Re: Small Bug with Navigation Set

    Try adding this to your readytheme.css stylesheet:

    .navbar .nav li {
    text-align: center;
    color: #fff;

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