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  1. Re: Copy File from "data" directory to "script" directory


    You need to use fscopy instead of scopy:

    scopy only works within the scripts location.
  2. Re: Passing JSON Data and Basic Authorization getting error

    I've done this with a REST service, and it looked different than yours.

    With MvCALL, Method = 'RAW', Content-Type = 'application-json' (instead of using the header), Headers = l.header (see...
  3. Re: Does Miva 9 support cybersource with a plug in module?

    It is in Payment > Payment Settings > Add/Remove Modules.
  4. Re: Remove Store_Code from MM( w/ Ready Theme?

    If you are using Short Links: In Domain Settings>SEO Settings, you can uncheck 'Always include store code in URL.'
  5. Re: Search Icon showing as Letter "j" instead of Magnifying Glass

    Check your global Head template and look for:

    <link href="//maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/latest/css/font-awesome.css" rel="stylesheet">
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    Re: Refurbished? Xeon?

    The Xeon is used in servers more than desktops due to support for ECC and sustained load. It does not have a GPU like the modern i3/5/7, so if you don't have a graphics card, that can be a factor. If...
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    Re: Version 9 finding things

    This. A key indicator of usability.
  8. Re: Releasing Unit Testing Library for MivaScript/Miva Modules

    Nice job.
  9. Re: reduce inventory when checkout complete, not added to cart

    Not a great idea:

    You have 20 widgets. 40 people come to your site because you have a great price on these widgets.

    Everyone puts the item into their basket. Inventory still says 20 available,...
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    Re: Test PayPal

    IIRC PayPal refunds fees if a charge is refunded within a short window of time. After that time, you pay.
  11. Re: Maximum number of POST variables exceeded

    A Windows host who did not know is one you should run from as fast as possible.
  12. Re: I can't find the payment option money order.


    I think you are referring to the Add/Remove modules screen.

    Go to Payment on the main menu, then once you see the Payment Settings screen, click on the ellipsis (...) and open Add/Remove...
  13. Re: What are these over-sized .dbf and .mvx files and how do we "shrink" them?

    In the Merchant Admin, at the Home screen, you will see this:

    Miva Merchant 9.0002
    MivaScript Engine v5.22
    Database API: mysql <----- this is what you need

    Looks like yours...
  14. Re: What are these over-sized .dbf and .mvx files and how do we "shrink" them?


    The baskets files are baskets (mostly expired). The reportdata is some sort of report data. DBF are the actual tables and MVX are the indexes.

    The question is are you running MySQL or...
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    Re: Stone Edge Seat Question

    Tip: make sure to create an admin user with an easily-recognized name, e.g. stoneedge. Only use that for Stone Edge.

    Remember that admin users != admin seats.
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    Re: MM9 admin problems


    There is a new parameter to pass on the URL that Brennan has been posting about for a few months:


    That forces the session to expire when you are done.
  17. Re: [Free Module] Generate tons of reviews with Yotpo.

    One disadvantage (from our viewpoint and most likely Glendale's as well) is that your reviews are hosted elsewhere and pulled back in to your site. This means that you cannot as easily manage and...
  18. Re: What framework is Suivant css based on?

    apparently it is all new - not based on Bootstrap etc.
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    Re: category:id

    Yes, Scott, Bruce and I missed you!
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    Re: category:id

    Something isn't right. You should see l.settings:category:id - I checked and our 4 stores all have this on CTGY.

    But in answer to the second question - there is a Category_Load_Code(code, category...
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    Re: Data Icons

    If the standard bootstrap theme loads font awesome in the global Head template:

    You can look for something like this:

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    Re: category:id

    You should see l.settings:category:id in a CTGY page. I don't see any settings that could add or remove it, but I'm not a template expert myself.
  23. Re: jQuery UI tabs not working

    Well, that means the function to call the tabs is not loaded or blocked.

    The only other thing I would try is replace $ with jQuery, to see if there is a conflict somehow.
    Also triple-check your...
  24. Re: jQuery UI tabs not working

    I'd insert a console.log('Hello world') statement just before the $("#tabs1").tabs(); statement so you can see if it ever gets that far.
  25. Re: jQuery UI tabs not working

    FYI, we've been advised by Miva to put jQuery/jQuery UI loading in the bottom of the page along with all scripts. As more modules and Miva themselves load jQuery without regard to what is already...

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