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  1. Re: &mvt:product:formatted_price;

    Throw in a variable display tool/module (http://apps.miva.com/product/GD-VARIABLES.html) or use the built in one.

    It's not a field, but an option in MM9 under point and click mode for the...
  2. Re: &mvt:product:formatted_price;

    What is the value of product:base_price on the item you are testing with?
  3. Re: &mvt:product:formatted_price;

    The product:base_price variable holds a value even if it is zero. Try:

    <mvt:if expr="l.settings:product:base_price GT 0">&mvt:product:formatted_base_price;<mvt:else>Please See Product...
  4. Re: Are There Native Reviews or native Related Products From Purchase History in MM9?

    Hey Mark,

    The Miva Merchant module developer community has been in a holding pattern for some time and for a variety of reasons, which I won't get into here. While we are still sorting out some...
  5. Re: New To Miva however seasoned developer

    Best to reach out to Miva support and have them setup a dev store on your client's account. If you ever need your own general dev store, you can request one here:...
  6. Re: apps.miva.com Digital Downloads

    Good to know, thanks for clarifying. Will help us explain to clients when they need to use one of these mods.
  7. Re: apps.miva.com Digital Downloads

    Gotcha, that's news to me.
  8. Re: apps.miva.com Digital Downloads

    Rick, I think you are grandfathered in on their old individual module rates at $19.95. Our clients are paying the $119.95 per month everything subscription rate to use any Viking mods these days.
  9. Re: Quickest Way to perform mass (500+) Product changes.

    Miva Merchant's new CSV import/export features are much more reliable on a number of fronts. (these features were available in MM5.5, however they were kind of hidden) As a rule of thumb, always...
  10. Re: Advice Needed for Remarketing Incomplete Orders

    Listrak, Rejoiner, MailChimp/Mandrill and as you mentioned the EP Lost & Found Orders are all possibilities. Listrak is probably the most used solution we see at this time, however this is an...
  11. Re: Miva ShortLinks no longer work after clicking a certain category page

    Stock Universal Analytics should not cause this type of behavior. Think I saw Enhanced Ecommerce in place in looking at your source ealier, that may very well have been the culprit as it has link...
  12. Re: Miva ShortLinks no longer work after clicking a certain category page

    You have open tags with the Audi and VW manual links on that landing page. (they are lacking quotes) There are a number of other html issues throughout the site, highly recommend checking your...
  13. Re: Importing Shopping Cart from DreamWeaver to Wordpress

    Completely lost on what you are asking here.
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    Re: Page development

    Correct, it is a component of the Shipping Estimate display/functionality so you would not want to implement the full page code in that instance.
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    Re: Page development

    There is no actual OINF screen template, it is a pseudo screen code that operates as a switch between OCST and ORDL depending on if the shopper is logged in or not.

    Due to the dynamic nature...
  16. Re: Custom Category Template Trouble

    It's definitely your CSS. The product-image class is specified in a way that it does not account for category vs. product, resulting in a tug of war. Try something like the following to separate...
  17. Re: Custom Category Template Trouble

    The "product-image" class has a width of 350px specified. Change that to 180px and it should resolve.
  18. Re: Shipping Module Issues in Miva 9

    If you find yourself in a bind, we can diagnose this.
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    Re: Template Data Feed with MM9

    Current version is 5.090, recommend getting that updated to see if it resolves your issue. That module has had a number of performance upgrades over the years.
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    Re: Template Data Feed with MM9

    What version of the TDF module are you running?
  21. Re: &mvt:product:formatted_price;

    I was referring to the product page. If you isolate outside of those modules on the product display and it works as expected, you know one of them is the culprit. These particular modules are of...
  22. Re: $50 per additional simultaneous Administrative User

    Ultimately seats are a price increase, Miva needs to increase pricing for a solid long term business model. (as Rick stated, no one likes a price increase, but they have to go up somewhere)

  23. Re: &mvt:product:formatted_price;

    Have you tried isolating product:formatted_price outside of Sebenza Product Template Manager, Sebenza Tools and latu.net Wow Wow Widgets to see if it fires properly? In our testing, the legacy price...
  24. Re: Error: Unable to locate form element(s) for attribute Style

    Image types can have different names, doesn't have to be DEFAULT for the main image.

    Depending on the final variant/swatch setup, you may need to specify alt images for all options under each...
  25. Re: Error: Unable to locate form element(s) for attribute Style

    Not seeing the necessary swatch div in the source:

    <div id="swatches" class="swatches"></div>

    Have you made the product attribute template changes to account for swatches:...

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