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  1. Re: [Free Module] Generate tons of reviews with Yotpo.

    One disadvantage (from our viewpoint and most likely Glendale's as well) is that your reviews are hosted elsewhere and pulled back in to your site. This means that you cannot as easily manage and...
  2. Re: What framework is Suivant css based on?

    apparently it is all new - not based on Bootstrap etc.
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    Re: category:id

    Yes, Scott, Bruce and I missed you!
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    Re: category:id

    Something isn't right. You should see l.settings:category:id - I checked and our 4 stores all have this on CTGY.

    But in answer to the second question - there is a Category_Load_Code(code, category...
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    Re: Data Icons

    If the standard bootstrap theme loads font awesome in the global Head template:

    You can look for something like this:

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    Re: category:id

    You should see l.settings:category:id in a CTGY page. I don't see any settings that could add or remove it, but I'm not a template expert myself.
  7. Re: jQuery UI tabs not working

    Well, that means the function to call the tabs is not loaded or blocked.

    The only other thing I would try is replace $ with jQuery, to see if there is a conflict somehow.
    Also triple-check your...
  8. Re: jQuery UI tabs not working

    I'd insert a console.log('Hello world') statement just before the $("#tabs1").tabs(); statement so you can see if it ever gets that far.
  9. Re: jQuery UI tabs not working

    FYI, we've been advised by Miva to put jQuery/jQuery UI loading in the bottom of the page along with all scripts. As more modules and Miva themselves load jQuery without regard to what is already...
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    Re: Miva API

    Yes, Miva's API is open.

    In addition to the docs you found there is a limited source kit for developers:

    The API for the...
  11. Re: Follow On Contact - Conditional Email

    "You are incredibly special to us, until you place an order, at which point we'll take you for granted."
  12. Re: Can't enter text into CTUS fields

    In Chrome Inspector, two JS errors:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Gallery' of undefined
    Uncaught TypeError: Undefined is not a function
  13. Re: MivaMerchant Actions. Best way to trigger them.

    You don't need to do any of that AFAIK, unless there is an Action function/subroutine that checks/sets the value of g.Screen.
  14. Re: MivaMerchant Actions. Best way to trigger them.

    I prefer #2.

    <MvASSIGN NAME="l.save" VALUE="{ [ g.Module_Merchant ].Action_Save_OrderInformation() }">

    As you say, you often have to load all kinds of globals, but they don't change.

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    Re: Php?

  16. Re: Upgrade Process for Production MM5.8.12 to Dev MM9

    Covered here a few posts below:

    The 'fee' is $50 per month while you are 'out of...
  17. Re: Turn off Popular Deals in Bootstrap

    I think Brennan mean to type 'the word Utilities' but typed 'the work Utilities' instead.
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    Re: Data Icons

    Or without typo:
  19. Re: Another question about seats, regarding Sebenza's Order Status Import module

    On the API - Miva has not officially committed to this yet, but I think they will have enough data to make a decision by MivaCon. Then it will take some time to build the API, and more time for...
  20. Re: Another question about seats, regarding Sebenza's Order Status Import module

    The Sebenza module would need to be rewritten to accomodate this, plus it would have to use the Miva API to do this which has not been released yet.

    I agree that equating an admin session that has...
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    Re: Creating a Global Item

    Works for me in Safari/IE/Chrome/FF. Maybe there was a server glitch?
  22. Re: Will I still need these modules in Version 9?


    Moogle submits to Bing and Ask as well as Google.
  23. Re: Emporium Plus Mega Bundle - Questions


    "This bundle is licensed for a single domain."
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    Re: DB Questions

    As a data point, we abandoned MivaSQL entirely more than two years ago and use auto_increment for all our internal ID fields. We also use not null and unique.
  25. Re: What module feature is first?

    I'm pretty sure SystemModule_Action is *only* called when there is an action, whereas SystemModule_Screen is called for every screen request.

    As far as which one is first, for some reason I...

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