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  1. Re: Page Changes from 5.5 PR8 U12 to 9 after upgrade?

    Will that include Strikeout of Retail Prices with Sale Price adjoining?
  2. Re: Should I Convert Legacy Images to Image Machine?

    A bit late and not really deep but should help.

  3. Re: Thumbnail Image not appearing on Cateogory Page

    At the bottom of the Category Product List Layout tab there is a link (below the "Version" Box) that says either Point + Click Mode or Advanced Mode. When you click on it the page will switch to the...
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    Re: Copy Product or Renaming Prod Code

    Take a look at this one that I use. It says it does custom fields but note that it does NOT copy anything in the image machine or related products. Somewhat limited but could fit your needs. ...
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    NEW Practical eCommerce Article about Miva

    Nice interview of Rick with some fun historical tidbits.

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    Re: need help with kits

    In another thread Bill said he discontinued this module when Miva added its kitting function and its up to Miva to decide whether or not to offer it for sale.
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    Re: Sebenza Support MIA?

    Rick, you have a bad link in message #7.
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    Re: PayPal Pro vs Chase Paymentech

    Can't speak to using PayPal as a processor but am very happy with the PayPal HERE dongle for offsite events. I've used it on an iPad via wifi and on an Android phone via both wifi and cell data with...
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    Re: Calendar Integration

    Thanks Brennan.

    As it turns out embedding a Google Calendar looks to be the easiest solution. Just need to remember to make it public. I created a separate calendar for this purpose and our...
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    Calendar Integration

    Is there a simple calendar I can integrate into a Miva 5.5 page? It doesn't need to be fancy and would be updated only in the Admin. Just a place for visitors to see where and when certain classes...
  11. Re: Emporious Plus Coupon Redemption Module Question

    Too bad but that's what I expected. Overall, Bill, the module is working really well in a situation where the customer receives free shipping and a fixed discount which is predicated on a minimum...
  12. Emporious Plus Coupon Redemption Module Question

    I have a coupon that is set as "single use per customer." Is there any way to reset it for one or more users? I can't just delete and reinstate the Code as it already has some customer usage data...
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    Re: Simple foward/redirect

    Thanks all. David, your approach using...

    Redirect 301 /GOHERE http://www.preparesmart.com/mm5/merc...ry_Code=GOHERE...

    works for the redirect but now the items aren't being found.

    The URL...
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    Re: Simple foward/redirect

    Yes, in this case it is for a single category (basically using it as the landing page) via a link from an external site.

    Is there a tutorial for this or can someone tell me how to implement...
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    Simple foward/redirect

    Ok, I have my stupid brain on today.

    If I want to get customers directly to a specific category using a clear URL how do I do that? I know how to redirect regular and subdomains at my registrar...
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    Re: Undelete or Trash Can

    If it's a large accidental deletion you could ask your host to restore the most recent backup. Not perfect but something.
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    Re: Facebook Targeting with Emails

    Much of our business comes from Government Agencies where the staff are barred from using their work email address to access Facebook. For non-public sector customers I could see the possilbilities...
  18. Re: free shipping for gift certificates and/or orders over $150

    Just curious, how are you handling orders that are above (or below) the gift certificate amount?
  19. Re: free shipping for gift certificates and/or orders over $150

    This is in from the Help Page for the Coupon Module. Hope it helps.

    Price Group Restriction
    Beginning with version 5.0500, you can restrict the ability to use specific coupon codes based on...
  20. Re: MIVA Merchant Social Commerce Page module for Facebook

    I'm curious too. BTW, you can subscribe to a Thread using the Thread Tools above.
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    Re: Using Miva store as a credit card terminal

    I'd create a new product priced at $0.01 or $1.00 and just charge them the quantity (you need to stay in full integers) you want. We have a "miscellaneous charge" (not assigned to any category) on...
  22. Re: Parallels Plesk Panel Email SPAM Filters are basically WORTHLESS

    Tom, since you have multiple devices I would recommend going with a hosted Exchange provider (or whatever they are calling it these days) that filters on the server level. I use www.lanlogic.net...
  23. Re: custom customer field for sales rep and additional email

    Take a look at the Miva Users Guide. http://www.mivamerchant.com/pdf/MivaPR8_10-30-13.pdf It's a great resource and might help explain some things.
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    Re: Price Groups Not Functioning

    Nope, nothing has changed in months. No VC mods and only a few Tool Kit functions. I'll do some more testing and make sure they are all out of commission.
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    Price Groups Not Functioning

    I have been using Price Groups for years and suddenly they are not functioning. I tried creating new ones but they didn't work either. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Thanks. I'm fully...

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