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    best affiliate module for mm5

    Dear All,

    Can you please suggest me one of the best third party software/module for Affiliate marketing in MM5. Right now we are using Viking Coders Affiliate module but it is not fulfilling all...
  2. Re: Miva Merchant 5.5 Production Release 8 Update 7 Has Been Released

    Hi Brennan,

    We used the custom login feature because before login we want to check that the user who is filling up the login form already exists in our database or not . So now could you please...
  3. Re: Miva Merchant 5.5 Production Release 8 Update 7 Has Been Released

    Hi There,

    I have updated my miva store to the latest update and now i am facing the login issues as my store has the customized login feature, i am fetching the username and password via php and...
  4. Re: Need Chicago Based Web Development Firm

    Hi Korey,

    We are San Diego based design firm. We have done many big projects and almost 2 dozens of modules in Miva Merchant. We have a team of miva professionals here, so we can handle multiple...
  5. Re: Looking for coder to implement some design features to website

    Hi Greg,

    If you still not decided, please let me know, if we can help you to design your site.

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    Re: Miva Programming Needed

    Hi Ron,

    I read your requirement. This is my daily routine job. Let me know, if I can show you some reference of similar work and can do something for your project.

  7. Re: Need Developers help with new Miva site

    Hi Eric,

    Drop me an email at ben@emediasales.com and discuss your project with us. We believe that whatever is your requirement, we can fulfill that on time.

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    Re: Miva Consulting Needed

    Hi Yvonne,

    We are not very low at rate, however we try to serve you the best. Let us know, if you are still looking for someone to give you a complete professional service.

    You can reach me via...
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    Re: Custom Design Implementation


    Please send us the link to see your designs. We will give you the exact cost and time of delivery once we have a look on designs.

    You can email me at ben@emediasales.com or our Sr. Sales...
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    Re: Custom Data Feed Work Needed

    Hi Stephanie,

    We can help you with this. Please drop an email to ben@emediasales.com.
  11. Re: Need coding done for product display page.

    I use GIMP. It is free. You can download it from:

  12. Re: Different kind of Constant Contact subscribe box

    Hi Leslie,

    can you try this field:

    <input type="text" name="BillEmail" size=15 value="&mvte:global:BillEmail;" >
  13. Re: Different kind of Constant Contact subscribe box

    Oh.. that's not good!

    Here are few points which you can confirm:
    1. module should be compiled for this store from Sebenza
    2. Under System Extension > Constant Contact , user name and password...
  14. Re: Different kind of Constant Contact subscribe box

    Hi Leslie,

    It should be CC i.e.

    <input type="hidden" name="Action" value="CC" />

    You can use a ConstantContact module from Sebenza. Sebenza supplies it for free. For every new store, you...
  15. Re: fleshing a 5.5 store from a 4.23 one

    Hi Harry,

    You can reach to our sales manager Jeremy at jeremy@emediasales.com OR 800-578-5003
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    Re: Flash Animation Needed

    Hi Christine,

    We are very proficient in doing that. Please give a call to our Sales Manager, Jeremy Pritchett 800-578-5003 OR send us your contact details at jeremy@emediasales.com
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    Re: modify checkout pages

    Hi Dave,

    We can do this job very easily and deliver in the same day.

    Please send an email to our sales manager Jeremy at jeremy@emediasales.com
  18. Re: Upgrade assistance for Sebenza modules

    Hi Billy,

    We can help you with this and all other requirements which you have. I am forwarding your number to our Sales Manager - Jeremy Pritchett
  19. Re: Upgrade assistance for Sebenza modules

    Hi Bill,

    You can get in touch with Sebenza on this. Their email address is support@sebenza.com. They should have an updated module for you.
  20. Re: free shippng by category module needed

    Hi Rob,

    This module can help you:


    Let us know, if you need any integration help.
  21. Re: One-page Checkout Tutorial and Free "Default Payment Method Helper" module

    Hi mnkyhead,

    Assign the shipping and payment items on OCST/OSEL/OPAY pages.

    The above step will fix the shipping error.
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    Re: Looking for Miva 5.0 developer

    Hi Mimi,

    We feel ourselves very proficient in Miva Merchant storefront design and development. Please contact James Harrell (1-800-578-5003 ext# 0) for all your design and development needs.
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    Re: Wombat Beta - Feedback

    Dear Rick,

    Please refer to:

    Ticket ID: QHK-804339
    Subject: wombat and product/ inventory variants
    Department: Troubleshooting Requests
    Priority: Medium
    Status: Open
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    Re: Quick Project with Tokens

    Hi Barry,

    Please send us an email at design-services@emediasales.com with more information about the project.

  25. Re: Module 'Flat Rate Shipping' is in use by one or more orders, and cannot be remove

    Hi Carina,

    Here are the detailed steps that Leslie mentioned above:

    In your Miva administration
    Step 1: Click on the [+] sign next to the "Global Settings"
    Step 2: Click on the word "Modules"...

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