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  1. Re: Live Preview of Personalized Monogramming

    Very nice!!!

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    Re: More Image Machine Fun

    Yeah, I did battle with the same thing - it's really weird.
  3. Re: Where is Copy & Paste feature for adding Additional Images in Edit Product

    I see what you are referring to, yeah no ability to just enter the image path, only the ability to upload or choose from existing images. Question - if all the images are already on the server, would...
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    Payment on Account module

    Does anyone have a Payment on Account module that is:

    Going to be MM9 ready
    Can automatically add on a previous balance due, when a customer goes to check out?

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    Re: How to learn about Bootstrap...etc

    In Dreamweaver, click Commands > Apply Source Formatting
  6. Live Preview of Personalized Monogramming

    Has anyone added the ability to dynamically display how a selected font face and color will (approximately) look? I've seen it on a Shopify site (click here).

  7. Re: Flat File - Uploading multiple images and design help

    Hi Erick,

    Yes there are a few things that will need to be added to make the Image Machine function for you. There are some great integrators that hang out here on the forums. Since you are new...
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    Re: v9 release and the Non-Compliance Fee

    While the new features will be waiting for you to implement - getting your brain retrained to the new admin may take a few "minutes". Years of staring at the MM5.5 admin will take a bit time to get...
  9. Re: Possible to convert 5.5 MMUI to Merchant 9?

    I would definitely recommend doing the update in a dev version of your store, then test, test test.

  10. Re: Possible to convert 5.5 MMUI to Merchant 9?

    Yes, just to confirm, I meant the ability to set up a new store with MMUI. I was surprised to see it as an option to chose from when I was setting up a beta 3 dev store.
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    Re: Shopping carts empty when using IE

    I'm going to tag myself in on this thread, I've got a store that has had a customer report that when they go to the BASK screen it is empty using Safari / Chrome on a Mac. I was not able to duplicate...
  12. Re: ReadyThemes Utility vs ReadyThemes Framework

    Thanks Rick, when you make it "Leslie proof" it will be good to go :;):
  13. ReadyThemes Utility vs ReadyThemes Framework

    Just noticed something while playing around and setting up an MM9 store from scratch - the ReadyThemes Utility is available even though I didn't install the ReadyThemes Framework - to say the least -...
  14. Re: Possible to convert 5.5 MMUI to Merchant 9?

    Along these lines - I just noticed that MMUI is still offered as a choice in a new MM9 (beta) setup. Have you considered nixing that?
  15. Re: Possible to convert 5.5 MMUI to Merchant 9?

    That's a very good question - considering I was thinking it was going to be phased out.
  16. EmporiumPlus Toolkit producing a blank screen

    Is anyone else having issues with the EmporiumPlus Toolkit producing a blank screen in Beta 3?

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    Re: Ready Themes - Link / Button

    Okay, then maybe it could be a wish list item to be able to customize the buttons we'd like to appear on the home screen.
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    Ready Themes - Link / Button

    If it were not for my history, I would not have found my way back to ReadyThemes. The breadcrumbs show Home > ReadyThemes but for the life of me I don't see an icon / button for it.

    Can one be...
  19. Re: $50 per additional simultaneous Administrative User

    Point of clarification Mark - the first user (seat) is free. It's when you need two seats that you will have to pay the additional $50 a month. If only one person is logged in at a time, then there...
  20. Re: $50 per additional simultaneous Administrative User

    I am strongly advocating a minimum two-seat verses the current pending one-seat logged session. I would like to see a store owner seat and developer seat. The new system is going to make being a...
  21. Syncing Google Analytic with Google AdWords Campaigns

    Is there a way to sync Google AdWords campaigns and Google Analytics. Store owner is wanting the data from AdWords campaigns to appear (sync up) with Google Analytics.

    I just realized this may not...
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    ReadyTheme Background Image

    Not enough settings for the background setting in the ReadyTheme Look & Feel settings. What about a static background? Yeah, I know, use CSS....
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    Re: Google Analytics Settings

    Holy cow, out of curiosity, I check the Display Advertising Support and then went to view the source of the home page. WOW, can that code be moved to an external file? 670 lines of code?!? Or is this...
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    Google Analytics Settings

    I'm taking a peek at the Google Analytics settings and am wondering about these settings:

    IP Anonymization
    Force SSL
    Enhanced Link Attribution
    Display Advertising...
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    Re: Toolkit compatible with Miva 9

    A conversion list sure would be handy ::):

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