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    URI management - possible with MMUI?

    Dont know how the short direct uris are managed, but I assume that there is a translator (table) that takes it from domain.com/this-is-my-product.html to mm5/mercahnt.mvc?Screen=prod&code=123

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    Re: Deleting authorization possible?


    We really dont want people using checks - it is an artifact from the Miva 4 days.

    I will try a test cc authorization and another test cc authorization (changed from mc to visa) and see if...
  3. Is there an easy way to know what fields are available for customer, product, order ?


    I dont want to recreate something that already exists - what is the full set of fields possible for a product? Order etc.
    I know of Code, Price, Cost, Weight
    How about product length...
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    Deleting authorization possible?


    One of our customers
    a) Entered and order and chose to pay by check.
    b) When we told them that we would have to wait for the check to clear etc. they chose to pay by credit card
    c) Now...
  5. Where can I find the variables that I can use in templates?


    In Miva 5.5 I could go to a place and get a list of global variables and local variables.

    Where can I find that list in Miva 9 admin?

    What I am specifically looking for is to update...
  6. Re: Can I add more steps to order processsing?

    The reason for this request is we have a couple of people processing orders, and if one has picked it up to verify, there is no way to put up a semaphore telling others that this order is already...
  7. Can I add more steps to order processsing?

    For various reasons we would like to add a step called Acknowledge in the order processing steps.

    So for us it would be somethng like
    Acknowledge and Verify the order
    Pick Pack
  8. Re: Importing Orders - switching from dev to live

    Thanks all.

    I am trying something that I think will work.

    I save a framework on new Miva 9 store
    Upgrade a dev copy of old store to Miva 9
    Applied framework
    Structurally everything worked...
  9. Muliproduct add and category pages - cascading?


    Thanks for your attention.

    This is my old sets problem.

    If I have MANY sets (like a table can chairs is dining set 1, another table and chairs is dining set 2)

    Inventory Kits and...
  10. Re: Importing Orders - switching from dev to live

    Any more ideas? Anyone?
  11. Importing Orders - switching from dev to live


    We have a nearly finished test site on Miva 9, our current production site is Miva 5.5

    Since orders keep coming in - is products are all the same -

    Is there a way to import orders...
  12. Is there a clever way to share products and inventory between two Miva stores?

    I am thinking of using Synchro and Quick Books as the hub, but for us Synchro has some issues with "kits" - inventory kits not going into Quickbooks easily without creating all permutations of item...
  13. Re: Question How to - variable freight charges

    Good points Bruce. I am trying to figure out a workflow.

    This is what I am trying
    a) Customer logs in (to get their prices)
    b) Customer puts the stuff they want into their Basket
    c) They SAVE...
  14. Question How to - variable freight charges


    For our wholesale customers, we allow them to select the product they want, and then quote them the freight based on number of pallets, destination zip, carrier discounts etc. This part is...
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    Re: Upgrade from 9.03 to 9.004 bug fix error

    I goofed. In my mivavm.conf I was still pointing to the old mivaroot through everything else was ok. I swapped the mm5 directories and I seem to be OK.
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    Upgrade from 9.03 to 9.004 bug fix error


    I just accepted an upgrade from 9.003 to 9.004 and the bug fix release after that.

    And the site has a problem. I have reported to support, but wondering if anyone can give me a hit so I...
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    Gift Certificate Expiration Date

    Is it possible to have a gift Certificate expiration date? If no expiration date, then the gift cert is valid for ever. There are local laws as to how long it has to be valid - usually 7 years.
  18. Re: Save Basket to Email and restore (TKRESTORE)

    This regarding saving a basket without an account.

    We could ask them for two things - liek an email and password, or email and zip code - something by which we can reference the basket again. If...
  19. Re: Save Basket to Email and restore (TKRESTORE)

    Also a follow up question -

    Save baskets was an easy feature that helped customers not have to create baskets again. Further it allows sales to talk to customers about their basket and what could...
  20. Re: Save Basket to Email and restore (TKRESTORE)


    Where do I find the Saved Basket Feature? Is it related to wishlists?

    I have a 9.004 store and I could not find it unfortunately.

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    Re: Inexperienced person question


    Thank you so much or yoru detailed reply. It is extremely helpful.

    I will play around until I get experienced. But I think you have pointed me in the right direction.

    Thanks again,...
  22. Save Basket to Email and restore (TKRESTORE)

    We have been using toolkit for a while and are on version 5.2710
    We use Save Basket to Email and Restore Basket.
    We were not tracking Inventory but recently turned it on to use the variant...
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    Inventory Reports

    Are there any standard reports on inventory levels of products?
  24. Re: Can one use multiple coupons on the same order?

    Is there an example for the entry method?

    Say Product A has coupon Coupon-A and Product B has coupon Coupon-B

    Would customers enter the coupons as Coupon-A, Coupon-B in the coupon redempton...
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    Re: Inexperienced person question

    I want to create a multi add product page that is generic and takes its content from a custom field for a product.
    SO if I have
    SHOES as the main product
    I could also have them simultaneously...

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