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    Re: Google Analytic module

    I don't believe Google Analyics comes installed with any of the ReadyThemes, you have to manualy turn it on (which is when the item tags get inserted)

    So if you applied the readyTheme to a store...
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    Re: Google Analytic module

    When you install the Google Analytics module it will automatically make 3 changes:

    1. Global Footer. It should add this item to the end of the global footer:

    <mvt:item name="ga_tracking" />
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    Sticky: Re: Miva Merchant 9 Template Changes

    Not sure why your's is looking different. You may have an old cssui framework applied. You can choose to apply the changes to your existing code or replace the entire template, both will work.

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    Re: Error in Optics Theme Meta Tags ?

    This is in 9.0004. It includes new cascading meta tags. You will now have fields to enter in meta data:

    1. Globally
    2. Page Level
    3. Category Level
    4. Product Level

    There is built in logic...
  5. Re: catagories lose assigned products with export and import

    When you are exporting the products, there is a option to include category assignments. You need to have this turned on in order for the assignments to appear in the export. There should be a column...
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    Re: swatches on ctgy

    Yes this still works. Do you have inventory variants setup for that product and the correct image uploaded for the variant selected (size/color combination)?

    This video should help:
  7. Re: Need help with conditional on result of custom order field

    hmm.. I though that should work. Is it possible there is a space in the value that is being saved?

    Instead of NOT ISNULL try checking to see if it is empty string by using two single quotes

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    Re: Price Group Conditional Test

    You could do something like this using mvt:do which does not need toolkit

    <mvt:do name="g.count" file="g.Module_Feature_PGR_DB" value="PriceGroupAndModuleList_Load_Customer( g.basket:cust_id,...
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    Re: Purchase Minimum Quantity

    This module should also do what you need:

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    Re: MailChimp Module Support and Troubleshooting

    If you're using one of the new readyTheme they have a different id on the checkout fields.

    In the Mailchimp Advanced Setting area, go into the JS and look for this code:

  11. Re: Ability to sort products at category list assignment.

    Hey Dan -

    When you add a new product on average how many categories are you adding it to? And then how do you re-order it? Do you always make it #1 or do you determine where it should go based on...
  12. Re: PayPal Express, Custom fields on Payment and Shipping Options page

    Javascript runs clientside (in the browser) while the template language runs on the server. In order to do what you want, you will need to make a request back to the server to save the fields. This...
  13. Re: New Custom Fields - Loop Through & Output Defined Fields

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Then what you're trying to do should work. I believe if you want to return an array you need to use the empty string '' for the field list. When you have a comma...
  14. Re: New Custom Fields - Loop Through & Output Defined Fields

    Hi Tim -

    Conceptually what you have is correct. The problem is that even though the images leverage our custom fields system, they are not accessible like other custom fields. We're going to add a...
  15. Re: Gift Certificates / Exclude Handling Charge

    You need to give that shipping method a -$2.00 rate adjustment under shipping rules to cancel out the handling charge. We're looking into ways to exclude it other ways in the future.
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    Re: BODY Tag Content

    It controls the body tag. In the page templates there is an item tag:

    <mvt:item name="body" >


    Then there is a single global template where you can put conditionals. If you need...
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    Re: Render Screen inside of other Screen



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    Re: Edit options at basket page

    Your code is making the AJAX call to the page to call it in, but not getting the correct response. Did you make all the changes required in the article/

    Checkout the example link and see what the...
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    Re: MailChimp Module Support and Troubleshooting

    Hi Kit -

    1. There are no settings to make it enabled by default, however the JavaScript can be updated to support it. I know we have done it before on other clients, let me see if I can track it...
  20. Re: CTGY Page Images - Category Product List Layout versus Content(subcategory_listi

    The sub category images don't have the same auto image re-sizing features as the products listed on the category page. You can re-size them but you have to manually do it yourself using an image...
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    Re: Add Related Items to Basket

    There is a template to customize the related products. Go to User Interface, Pages, PROD. From here look for the Related Product List Layout tab section. If you don't see the template to edit, look...
  22. Re: g.sessionurl pointing to admin instead of store?

    If your domain settings are correct, something else is wrong. I would send in a ticket to support to take a look.
  23. Re: g.sessionurl pointing to admin instead of store?

    This is setup under domain settings ->Site Configuration.
  24. Thread: Coupon Orders

    by Brennan

    Re: Coupon Orders

    There are two types of coupons:

    1. Product Level Coupons - Specific to certain products
    2. Basket Level Coupons - Applies to all items in the basket

    Basket coupons appear in the charges loop,...
  25. Re: Ready Themes - Under the hood differences?

    Responses in Red

    1. Is this true? Or are there more under the hood differences?

    This true. It is exactly the same framework with different images and a different theme.css file to change...

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