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  1. Re: htaccess Redirects and Google Analytics - SEO Guru Help

    It should continue tracking out of the gate, however I would recommend changing any property settings from http to https. Starting over with a new property would make it difficult to compare against...
  2. Re: Adding options to customer billing info

    Custom Basket and Order fields come into play at PR8 Update 9: http://www.miva.com/pr8-9-features I can tell you that you have a pretty extensive path ahead of you to get PR5 up to the latest...
  3. Re: Adding options to customer billing info

    Yikes, definitely need to get that store/engine updated at some point.

    With that particular version, you may want to look at the Emporium Plus Addendum module:
  4. Re: [Free Module] Generate tons of reviews with Yotpo.

    Issues like these are best directed to Yotpo Support directly. I will also send our contact an email further noting these as well.

    We should have a better idea on a possible release date in...
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    Re: product reviews for 2014

    We have also had a new module based reviews solution on the table a number of times, however never pulled the trigger due to Rick's radar/unknowns and a number of other factors. As soon as the dust...
  6. Re: Need Pro Advice on Swatch Drop Down List

    Miva Merchant provided an example method via the following thread:

  7. Re: [Free Module] Generate tons of reviews with Yotpo.

    Unfortunately Outlook compatibility is outside of our control in this instance, but I would add that these issues are extremely hard to overcome with Outlook not supporting modern code/standards.
  8. Re: [Free Module] Generate tons of reviews with Yotpo.

    It's hard for me to say without seeing the specifics here. Sounds like you may have another component in the mix on top of StoneEdge. If we can see your specific situation we might be able to...
  9. Re: [Free Module] Generate tons of reviews with Yotpo.

    Sounds like you have the proper version installed then. I honestly have no direct contact info I can give you. So I would be curious exactly what you are running into here as it might be different...
  10. Re: [Free Module] Generate tons of reviews with Yotpo.

    Hey Paul, I do have some insight on this through our Google Trusted Stores module. StoneEdge kicked out a same version update to resolve this issue after some extensive back and forth. It should be...
  11. Re: [Free Module] Generate tons of reviews with Yotpo.

    We have some good news on the Yotpo front. The necessary legal matters have been resolved so we can proceed with the development of the new module. We are very pleased with this outcome and look...
  12. Re: Comma Delimited SKU on INVC Page (4Cite)

    Try something like the following:

    <mvt:if expr="pos1 EQ 1">&mvt:item:code;<mvt:else>,&mvt:item:code;</mvt:if>
  13. Re: Sebenza Constant Contact module on check out page

    Just an FYI, the Sebenza Constant Contact module is using the old API and there is a good chance it may fail in the near future. As a result, we have developed a new Constant Contact module which...
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    Re: SPDY compatible with Miva

    Moz has a good article on the topic: http://moz.com/blog/seo-tips-https-ssl

    Of note, Google Webmaster Tools isn't even ready to handle full https sites :)

    No question things will eventually end...
  15. Re: Syncing Google Analytic with Google AdWords Campaigns

  16. Re: Printing Other State/Province to Invoice

    Have you altered the Other State/Province elements on the OCST screen by chance? Can we get a link to the site in question?
  17. Re: [Free Module] Generate tons of reviews with Yotpo.

    An update for those awaiting word on our Yotpo connector module. We were presented with a distributor/independent contractor agreement from Yotpo late in the game, after the majority of the new...
  18. Re: Printing Other State/Province to Invoice

    If other state/province is populated, it carries through to the order:ship_state variable.
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    Re: Miva 9 ReadyTheme

    Just my two cents, never rely on a Beta version for build purposes.
  20. Re: Shopping carts empty when using IE

    If everything Rick has mentioned is not present, I would be curious if this resolves your issue: http://extranet.mivamerchant.com/forums/showthread.php?114343-Isolated-Empty-Basket
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    Re: Order time

    Time is included under the Date column of the Order Processing display with our testing of Miva Merchant 9.
  22. Re: Universal Analytics and Ecommerce Data???

    We usually find that we have to make adjustments to the standard Google Analytics integration to best fit the needs of the store. I also recommend using l.settings:page:code vs. g.Screen as it is...
  23. Re: Conditional Using A Custom Category

    Please don't intermix Toolkit, New Custom Field and Legacy Custom Field next time. I have a headache now :)

    Now humor me here as I will literally think about this all night in my sleep. Is the...
  24. Re: Conditional Using A Custom Category

    There you go. When checking for a specific string, it is case sensative. You were looking for "YES", when the actual value of the field was "Yes".
  25. Re: Conditional Using A Custom Category

    Alright, now we're getting somewhere. Do you see the issue?

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