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  1. Re: Adding options to customer billing info

    Right, sorry, I didn't notice that the store was PR5.
  2. Re: Adding options to customer billing info

    I think you can do all this without a module, just by template coding. IIRC you can create custom basket field for the recipient name and the over-21 button, and have them converted to custom order...
  3. Re: strange problem with shipping module -- debugging tools?

    Thanks, Brennan; I'll check it out.
  4. strange problem with shipping module -- debugging tools?

    Hi folks --

    I have a shipping module for Old Dominion Freight Lines; it works in the usual way, by sending an MvCALL to retrieve shipping costs from their server. A few months ago, it stopped...
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    Deleting variants

    Hi folks --

    I was just working on a module project that calls Product_Delete(), and I was surprised to find that if I did this to a product with attributes and variants, the variants were not...
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    Re: Multiple currency display

    Here's one store that uses Currency Magic:


    The currency menu is near the upper right corner.
  7. Re: Attributes and Categories - need help

    I don't think you can assign a variant to a category without the master product. But you can create a category for each size, and then assign all the products that are available in that size. When...
  8. Re: capturing the actual url into a variable

    I'm pretty sure s.documenturl still works; I use it form time to time in my own work. I'd suggest taking a closer look at that part of your code. If you post it here, someone may have some advice...
  9. Re: "Fake Product" to redirect to another category?

    I have a module that can generate 301 or 302 redirects when a customer tries to view specific products or categories. I think that would achieve what you're looking for. You can drop me a line if...
  10. Re: Live Preview of Personalized Monogramming

    Hi Leslie -- I've done this for a couple of clients, where the customer can choose their font, enter a message, select colors, etc. and then click a button to see a preview image. Drop me a line if...
  11. Re: Rounding Problem While Applying Discounts

    FYI, the Miva engine uses "banker's rounding," which is slightly different from the way were all taught to do it in grade school. You can Google it for details. That sometimes causes 1-cent errors....
  12. Re: Do GD graphics functions work for large files?

    That's good to know. I wonder how long it will take? Do you folks have any info about performance, perhaps some stats on smaller files from which I could extrapolate?

    Thanks --
  13. Do GD graphics functions work for large files?

    Hi folks --

    I have a client who wants a module that will make thumbnails from very large image files, up to 100MB. Will MM's built-in graphics functions work for a file of that size?

    Thanks ...
  14. Re: Business/Residential Address Verification

    I don't know of any service that can tell you whether an address is residential or not. But there's a partial fix that is used by some of the Viking shipping modules, and possibly others. What you...
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    Re: Add-On Items in Prod Detail

    If you just want to display the accessories on the page, you can use the store's Related Products feature. If you want the customers to be able to put multiple items in the basket with one click, I...
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    Re: MM Database - SKU to Code?

    OrderOptions, BasketOptions, "you say potato ..." :^) . OrderOptions contain pretty-much the same data as the BasketOptions they were made from. I think both contain the data you need to work...
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    Re: MM Database - SKU to Code?

    Product SKUs are stored in a column of the Products table. To find the SKU for a particular size & color shirt, you need to look at the BasketOptions and extract the info for the product attributes...
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    Re: MM Database - SKU to Code?

    There's a utility function, Validate_Attributes_DetermineVariant, that handles this nicely.
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    Re: Calling External Program

    Not necessarily. IIRC, the referrer header is just a piece of data that's sent by the browser or other client software. A malicious user with suitable software can put anything in there.
  20. Re: Recurring Orders/Subscriptions for Physical Products?

    My Reorder Manager module has been in use at several stores for a number of years. The merchants are quite happy with it. Customers can easily select the reorder option when they put items in their...
  21. Re: Discontinued products-alternative to 301 redirect

    I have a module that can do 301 redirects for obsolete products or categories. It's in use at several stores now. Drop me a line if you'd like a copy.
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    Re: Using Miva for content management

    Using Miva for this is definitely feasible. Each product can be an article; you just have to fiddle with the page template to remove the price, Add To Basket button, etc. The product description,...
  23. Re: Variants and attribute display on the product page

    Nice! Thanks Ron.
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    Re: Importing Orders

    I've done some other types of order imports and exports, but nothing for direct store-to-store copy. I'll be glad to discuss it.
  25. Re: Variants and attribute display on the product page

    Thanks for the idea, Bill.

    Still, it bothers me to have a button on the page that sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't, without any explanation for the customer. Has anyone got a fix for that?...

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