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Thread: Looking for customized shipping scenario

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    Default Looking for customized shipping scenario

    Hello Everyone,

    I posted this question in the forums and I am also reaching out to see if someone is interested in doing this.

    I am looking for a way to integrate the following into my clients shipping parameters. Which are somewhat abnormal to others that I have dealt with.

    They have several products that need to automatically set free shipping for the entire order. So a person can have 20 different products in their cart and if they have at least one item that is specified as a free shipping product, then the entire order is set for free ups ground shipping. Here's the kicker...... The free shipping will only be offered inside the continental 48.

    For the rest that are outside the continental 48, my client would like them to have a $10 reduction in shipping if one of the products offered in the above scenario is included in the cart.

    I began working with Sort Shipping Plus Free Shipping Option, which is an excellent mod, but you can't limit the free shipping across the board and limit it to countries. On the $10 off anything outside the continental 48, I have no other ideas other than coupons, which they don't really want, so I am looking to customized code.

    Please let me know asap if you are interested in the challenge. Shoot me a price at hotdoghat76@gmail.com



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    Default Re: Looking for customized shipping scenario

    Hi Marc,

    Look at the Shipping SuperMod, it might get you really close to what you need. You could set a price threshold (hopefully - those are big ticket items that would qualify the cart for free shipping by price) to permit a free shipping method, and restrict that method by state.

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