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Thread: Invoice line item subtotal variable with toolkit

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    Default Invoice line item subtotal variable with toolkit

    I thought I had a snippet of code to extract the line item subtotal ( product * quantity purchased) on the invoice for detailed tracking but I can't find it now. Does anyone have an example?

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    Default Re: Invoice line item subtotal variable with toolkit

    Since no one responded I can give you this hint using toolbelt. When used on the BASK or INVC page this item makes many other items available including item images and the attribute prompts.

    &mvt:item:Combined_Price; and &mvt:item:Combined_PriceF;

    <mvt:item name="ry_toolbelt" param="basketcombined" />

    Other than that you will have to loop through the outer and inner basket loops and sum the line item total yourself.
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