A few months ago, we update our Miva Engine and I need to have the Image Machine setup properly. I am running out of time and knowledge so I need help as well as setting up our css file (I can update the page templates once this is done)

-> so I have been playing with Miva for a while and even if I can read css and update basic details, i am stuck.

Can someone look at my code and update:
- the product page template so 4 extra views can be seen (we may in the future use the swap image with attributes)
- move whatever needs to be moved from my head tag content to a cssui.css file

Here are the requirements:
- Large product image is 250 x 333px, large zoom is 900x1200px
- thumbnails of alternate views (4 maximum) should be on the left of the main image (each 60x80px). Each alternate views are image tupe: default, zoom2, zoom3, zoom4. Prod NIX_A119-306 has alternate views assigned.

We use toolkit and several custom fields.

I think i gave all the info required.

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.
oh, the website is: www.flyinganyc.com