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Thread: Conditionally hiding an attribute prompt

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    Default Conditionally hiding an attribute prompt

    I have had to change the Merchant Notification email to use the attribute prompt instead of the attribute code (due to an issue with a 50 character limit). The attribute codes are now very human unfriendly which is why I switched it to the prompt. There is one prompt that is very long and I need to be able to have this specific one display the code. I'm trying to figure out how I can conditionally "swap" a prompt to a code.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Conditionally hiding an attribute prompt

    Maybe something like
    <mvt:item name="toolkit" param="vlength|prompt_length|l.all_settings:item:option:opt_prompt" />
    <mvt:if expr="g.prompt_length GT 25">
    show code
    show prompt
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