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Thread: Wish List / Registry / Saved Baskets need

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    Default Wish List / Registry / Saved Baskets need

    I need a wish list / registry / saved baskets feature. I'm envisioning a feature that builds on the capabilities found in Sebenza's "Ultimate Wish Lists," but turns it into a much more powerful sales tool for a site owner like myself.

    The needs:

    1. Ability to send the customer an email upon setting up the wish list, something like a reminder "Thanks for creating your Wish List at..." or "You have saved items at ...." Maybe it'd give a summary, a link to the wish list, etc. Customizable email template.
    2. Ability to run a follow up email to these customers about their wish list a couple of days (or weeks or whatever) after they set it up if the items haven't been purchased from their wist list yet. Also a customizable email template, perhaps with the ability to set triggers at certain intervals if the products have not been purchased by the customer yet....

    FYI, we use "Ultimate Wish Lists" by Sebenza on our site, and our customers are using it for future planning rather than for a gift registry (our products are not typically given as gifts). The way the module works now, I don't have a streamlined way to follow up with customers at the time they create a wish list, or at any point thereafter. I need a wish list that can be a sales tool.

    Thank you,
    Mark Stephens
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    Default Re: Wish List / Registry / Saved Baskets need

    Add to this the ability to have multiple lists per customer and have the customer be able to name them.
    We have a wholesale store and often brick and mortar merchants want to 'save' items to be bought in the future or want to "collect" them into a list to buy all at once later. Some just want a favorites list and when the item is bought to NOT have it removed from the list (especially for things they make repeat purchases of)

    Being able to have more than one list would be helpful for them.

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